...End of the Year Recap...

Thought it might be fun to do an End of the Year Recap to see what I have accomplished in 2011:
*Mom's Winter Scarf
*Grandma's Scarf
*3 Baby Hats donated to Pregnancy Center
*2 Baby Bibs donated to Pregnancy Center
*2 pairs Eco Baby Booties donated to P.C.
*Baby Mitts donated to P.C.
*Scarf for T
*Hubby's WAY too big Hat
*Baby Cocoon for A
*My First Mittens
*A's Owlie Sack
*Striped Baby Hat gifted to friend
*A's Matching Hat
*2 Funky Baby Shower Bibs
*Leaf Socks\Hand Mitts
*A's Coming Home Hat
*2 Apartment Warming Dishcloths
*Baby Shower Hat
*A's Sun Hat
*Swap Gift Bag
*Hawkeye Scarf
*Cup O Jo Coffee Cozy
*Owlie Sack for Baby Shower
*Snowflake Dishcloth
*Hanging Dishcloth
*Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth x2
*Fingerless Mitts for Swap
*Harry Potter Scarf
*C's House Socks
*Pumpkin Hat
*2 Bow Belts
*A's One A Day Vest
*Petal Bib
*Flower Headband
*Bow Headband
*Puppy Hat
*A's Mitts
*Jingle Bells Hat
*Cabled Baby Beanie

Grand Total of: 48 projects! I had no idea I had knit that many things in one year. You might find it boring to read, but it sure pumped me up!!!

Stay tuned for a complete re-vamp of YOP list!