Quarter Century...

It seems crazy that I am going to be turning 25 tomorrow...25!! I know it is crazy to say that I feel old...but I do! Then again, being 5 1/2 months pregnant MIGHT have something to do with that. :0) I think a trip to the yarn store should be in order as a birthday present, BUT, we found out last week that we are heading back to MN on March 10th! That is a wonderful present! And I think I will wait until I get back before starting my yarn stash...I have about 50 projects...
Update on projects and my yarn stash:

I finally finished my sister's scarf earlier this week! She called me yesterday to tell me that it was a good thing I made her a scarf because hers was stolen the other night! I hope this will get her through the rest of winter! I really loved how it turned out! It will be mailed out tomorrow!

I am trying to use up my bulkier yarn first and had some blue that I thought would make a great baby cocoon. It is hard to tell if the sizing is right since I don't have a baby to put in it yet, but you can bet that post will come in June!

I also finished my very first pair of mittens and really like how they turned out! They are still a little big but I am hoping they shrink a bit in the wash. I think they will come in handy once we return to MN!!

I decided to rethink how I am counting down my yarn stash. After making a large project, I usually have a small ball left. I usually knit the rest of it in bed into little squares that will someday make a type of patchwork bag. So I decide they do not count anymore!

I also joined Ravelry and have finally uploaded some finished projects to the site. It is such an amazing site...I have gotten SO many ideas!

Total Skeins\Balls of Yarn left: 9
Days Left in CA: 9


New Yarn

I almost forgot! I went to a yarn store this weekend and was in heaven. I can't believe I made it out of the store with only three skeins in hand. The Bebe Cotsoy is for a friend at church who is expecting her first baby. I am hoping to make a hat and possibly little socks if there is enough left over. The orange Cascade is for...yep...our baby's coming home hat. I won't let myself touch these until I get through more of my yarn stash. Talk about motivation! Oh and these do not add to the count...

Adventures in Blocking

This week isn't feeling as productive as last week in regards to my yarn stash. As you can see, I am still stuck at 13 skeins...but let me point out this is NOT that much!! Can you imagine if I was actually at home? BUT to my defense I was stuck working on this hat for DH (darling husband). I spent most of Saturday working on this...only to find...it's QUITE TOO BIG! I didn't have the strength to rip it out...so I made DH do it.I started it again on Sunday, determined to get it right! After multiple cast-on's we finally had it! Almost done!
And it is finished!!! Unfortunately...it is still too big. But he was a good sport and is wearing it anyways. What a guy!

Anyways, perhaps you are wondering why this post is called Adventures in Blocking... I decided today was the day to block my finished projects because they were starting to pile up! I've never done it before and was a little nervous, but I think I figured it out? I am learning that you should block as soon as you finish...otherwise your ironing board is going to sit in the hallway for days on end...
That's all for now...I better get going on that pile...



In my last post, I mentioned a new goal I had: to use up 18 full\half skeins of yarn before we head back home in March. It is hard to tell if I have made progress or not as I have had to rip apart previous projects in order to finish off others, like with these...
I made another pair of Eco Baby Baby Booties from leftover yarn I used to make a couple hats. But in order to finish the second bootie, I had to rip out the second hat I made. Thankfully I didn't like it anyways...just wanted to avoid ripping it apart.
Then I finished up this bib I had started...I just kind of made up the pattern and it needs to be blocked still...ah the daunting task of blocking.

And finally finished off the leftover yarn from the two bibs to make mittens. This was also my first attempt at an i-cord...i got the hang of it towards the middle, those are pretty fun. Unfortunately, these mittens are not my favorite item...there has to be a few right?

I started this really pretty scarf for my sister T and used up an entire skein!! BUT! In order to finish the scarf...I have to buy ONE more skein!! Thankfully, I will use the the entire thing...I don't have to count it do I?

Not a bad week I'd say! I had to make a quick trip to buy needles... and what a steal, all three pairs clearanced out! AND I avoided buying any yarn! One would think that would be the highlight of my day...and it was, because shortly after, I was stuck trying to start our rental car for an hour and a half. Talk about frustrating. And to top it all off, I had a filling fall out and had to go to the dentist today. UGH.

It's going to be rainy weather all weekend, so I look forward to knocking more skeins off my tally. And... I think I talked my husband into taking me to an actual yarn store and not just Michael's. That means I am allowed to purchase a few right?

Total Half\Full Skeins: 13



These are Eco Baby Booties I found off of Ravelry.

I had only made one pair previous to these so I was ready for a challenge. They were very easy and went quickly! Instant gratification project. I used size 6 needles and Sugar and Cream yarn. They seem big for newborns but would probably fit around 6 months.

I seem to have a lot of yellow-ish yarn that I need to use up, actually, I have a ton of yarn I should use up before my husband and I head back to Minnesota towards the middle-end of March. Sounds like a good goal.

Total Number of Full\Half Skeins: 18 (not counting the two of sock yarn I bought...)


Taking A Break

I needed a break from baby hats and decided to try a bib. I found this pattern from Ravelry by a fellow blogger (Shelby Knits). It was a fast pattern, the second photo shows a more detailed view.


Baby Hats!

I've been on a baby hat kick the last two weeks and have about 25 different hat patterns I want to try. However, I have yet to steal myself away from this really easy pattern. I adapted it to use a size 6 circ needles and size 6 dpns, and even tried it in stripes. I am planning on donating these hats to a pregnancy center nearby.

(www.suite101.com, search newborn baby hat, Bernat softee baby yarn).


Grandma's Scarf

A dressier scarf I made for my Grandma for her birthday.


Here is a scarf I made for my mom this Winter.

Cast On...

I have decided to enter the world of blogging and share with all of you what inspires me. I love to craft, or at least, attempt to craft. My biggest passion as of late has been knitting. Who has inspired me? MANY people! From the dear friend who taught me to knit to my family to the little boy growing inside of me. Perhaps I should mention I am 5 months pregnant as of today! He has been my inspiration lately and I am on a hat phase right now. Anyways, when one begins a knitting project, their first step is to cast on. So here I am blogging world..casting on.