Go Hawkeyes! And other WIP's!

Playing catch up here with FO's and WIP's. I figure I better get as much posted as I can before baby comes otherwise those FO's may never make it on here! Speaking of baby, as of today, it is 2 weeks until D-Day! We are getting very excited and anxious! Will he be here on time? Early? Late? What do you think?

Awhile ago, I was asked to make a scarf in Iowa Hawkeye colors for my father-in-law's co-worker. I want it done by fall so figured I better get a good start on it before baby comes.

I'm using Cascade 220 and I just love this yarn. It's about 25% done but I am liking how it is turning out. You can see the short piece of yarn on the left side of the picture, I had just enough left to finish the round! Thankfully I grabbed another skein of black so I can keep going for now.

I finished the Sun Hat earlier this month but as always I do not block right away so it takes awhile for me to post FO's. I really like how this turned out. Can't wait to take another pic with baby wearing it!

You can see green and white in the background of the second picture. That is a hanging dishcloth that is currently blocking. I still need to add a button. I think I may add it to my brother's apartment warming package. I loved making it...I think I may make a few more for Christmas gifts.

George the Giraffe knitting kit I received from my sister-in-law and her hubby is ALMOST done. I need to stitch on his eyes, mouth, etc. I am not good at sewing pieces on...he looks like a gremlin! It was fun to do though!

I am still working on my Blog A Long list. It is becoming quite long! I added several Christmas and baby projects for friends. I was going to attempt an afghan but think I may just make it a baby afghan instead. My goal is to have the Hawkeye scarf and a project (secret!) done for my friend's baby who will be one in July before I start my Blog A Long list. We'll see what happens...

Well, back to my Coca-Cola and Hawkeye scarf! Thanks for reading everyone!



I have decided to participate in a Blog-A-Long and am really excited about it! I found it through Ravelry and think it is going to be a lot of fun..a lot of knitting...and a lot of blogging. Starting July 1st, I will have a list of projects that I want to complete by June 30th, 2012. Some people are going through entire books but I am leaning towards the massive project list I started, which may include a sweater! Stay tuned or subscribe to my blog if you are interested in following!


Finally Finished!

Here are some projects I finally finished!

My brother's apartment warming dishcloths. Thankfully I could procrastinate on these because he does not have an apartment yet. :)

Another baby hat for a friend at church to go with the bib I made earlier. It still needs to be blocked, but judging by the way I am going, I will never get it posted if I don't post it now!

And finally...the Owlie Sack! This has been done for a few months but has been sitting in the "need to block" pile. Look at those pretty owls. I found a pattern for a baby\toddler vest that I may just "have" to do now because the owls were so fun! One of my friends who picked up knitting a few months ago is on an owl kick...come to think of it, her son is turning one in a couple months...hmmm. :)

I have actually been knitting almost every day again. Still working on the giraffe kit. I have the head, body, two arms and one leg done and am afraid I am running out of yarn. So, the adventure of finding matching yarn to complete the giraffe has caused me to put him on hold. I started a sun hat last night for our baby boy, who by the way should be making his debut in 5 weeks! He doesn't have alot of knitwear yet...I am sure this will change. :)

That's all for now, thanks to all of those who read this!


Time Flies...

Where did April go? I think I knit a total of 5 times in April. Things have been VERY busy to say the least. April included Easter and other family get-togethers, a wonderful baby shower with friends from high school (who thankfully put up with a pregnant lady with a rib out of place) garage sales and multiple trips to multiple stores for multiple baby items. I think we are about done with those. :0)

I also started couponing in April which took a lot of time at the beginning but I think I am getting better at it! No, I am not like those people on TV and do not aspire to ever be that crazy or insane. BUT it still has been fun and profitable! I got my mom into it...I think she is crazier than me!

May has started out just as busy including a trip to my friends house and re-painting the baby's room. One would think things have to slow down but in about a month, things will be even busier with a newborn! Looking forward to it!

Just a quick note to let ya'll know I have not disappeared and will post knitting pics soon. I finally blocked the Owlie Sack, finished a baby hat for a gift, and two dishcloths for my brother. I received a kit from my sister-in-law and her husband for my birthday that I started the other day. It is a stuffed giraffe and is my first project of its kind. I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out, will keep you posted! Hopefully better than last month.