$50 Friday!

I have decided to name my couponing post $50 Friday as I am trying to keep the weekly trips to under $50 and would like to have it done by Friday! If you think of a more catchy name or title, please share! I have a different post coming up tomorrow so thought I would post a little early this week.

Here we go!
This was a good week, or at least it seemed really good! I was able to purchase all items in this pic plus: 6 pks hotdogs, 2 pks lunch meat, box of popsicles (why not?), cheese, chicken breasts and a 24 pk of water for:

$92.53 before coupons
$52.44 after coupons

Didn't quite make the $50 cut but I am happy with a savings of just over 40 bucks! yes please!

Looking forward to next week!!



I was filling out a questionaire the other day for a yarn swap and one question was, "what are your hobbies?" Well, of course I wrote knitting. But then I couldn't think of anything else!! I tried thinking about what I do during the day that is relaxing and I find enjoyable... And then I realized...

Confession: i am a coupon-er. Not to the extreme that I am sure many of you have seen on T.V., it's nearly impossible to be that good in my area of the country. But, one is still able to find great deals and save at least 50%.

So I decided to challenge myself to keep my weekly grocery spending to under $50. I decided that items that are considered "normal" purchases (food, cleaning products, laundry detergent) would count towards the $5o budget but items that are not "normal" purchases (softner salt, etc) would not count. I will try to post a picture and my before and after coupons spending every Friday.

Here is how I did this week:
(also included, but not pictured, are 4 more gourmet meals, another hormel sausage, grapes, cantaloupe and sweet corn).

You are probably thinking "This seems like a strange picture depicting "groceries". I have been doing this for a few months and items that are on a typical grocery trip, I likely already have in my stockpile or pantry. :0)

Before coupons: $60.24
After coupons: $35.20

$35.20 for the above-mentioned items. Not my best week but not bad either!

Come back next week! Do you coupon? How extreme are you? Do you stockpile? Leave me a comment!


Posting About Other's FO's!

Haven't completed any projects but have been gifted several for Aiden. So I thought I would post pics of him with them!

Here is Aiden with a baby afghan my cousin Emily made.
Aiden's great grandma made him this.

And here is Aiden in the cocoons\sleep sacks I made earlier in California. He seemed to enjoy being in them! I just love those owls!!

That's all for now! Still plugging away on the scarf when I can...I think I may need to take a break and find something else to do for awhile.


FO Friday!

In my last post, I wrote that I was hoping to finish the Hawkeye scarf over the weekend. Well, that did not happen, I ended up finishing another project:

Aiden was born on Friday June 3rd at 6:09 P.M. He weighed in at 8 lbs 2 oz and was 20 inches long. He is doing wonderful and we are incredibly thankful to the Lord for this blessing and continue to pray that He watches over us as a family.

Knitting may be on hold for awhile, although, while I wait to do his midnight feeding, perhaps I can get a few rows in...


WIP Wednesday!

I have seen other Ravelers and bloggers post Works in Progress Wednesday and thought it was a neat idea! So for the time being, I will try to do this as well!

I've been completely focused on the Hawkeye scarf and haven't started any other projects. I actually need the needles I am using for the Hawkeye scarf for my next project!

I'm about 3/4 done with it. 8 sets of strips done, 4 more to go! Looking forward to finishing this up this week yet or this weekend!