... Year of Projects: Week Eight and August Recap...

This week's update is minimal, as things have been b u s y!!!

I am still putzing away on a third Miranda Hat and I add a row or two to one of my Wonder Blankets, but that is about ALL I have done this week!

I did decide NOT to do the craft show this year but have a plan for the few craft show items I did knit. :) 

Here is the list update for August: 7/24...though it could be 8 if I finish that hat!!

...2012/2013 Year of Projects List...

WIPS: (2/6)
*AD's Tie Sweater
*Garter Stitch Afghan--charity
*DH Scarf
*Afghan for our Room

*The Miranda Hat
       This pattern is by Project: Stash and she is hosting a KAL through September. PLEASE JOIN US!!!

CHRISTMAS KNITTING: ( Definitely NOT a complete list )
*Bengals Tiger Hat--Brother
*Fingerless Mitts--Mom
*Bulky Scarf--Friend
*Christmas Stocking--A
*Leg Warmers x 3 (maybe 6?) 1/6

*Cardigan\Sweater for Me
*Fingerless Mitts for Me
*Pair of Socks
*Sweater for DH
*12 for Self List



...Year of Projects: Week 7...

I cannot remember for sure, but I don't think I blogged for 7 straight (ish) weeks last year when Year of Projects started, I guess I'm still feeling pretty motivated!

Last week I mentioned that this would likely be a week of hats. And it was.

I started with knitting a Fall hat for A:

Then it led to making DH's Hat, which is a part of my Christmas knitting. I was gifted this skein of Araucania, which is made in Chile. Immediately, DH said he wanted a hat in that. No problem.
I thought about making the Ribbed Watchman's Hat but switched to stockinette after about 1.5 inches. I thought maybe the colors would "show" better that way.

I'm not sure if its the yarn itself, the colorway, or lack of pattern followed, maybe the sizing, but something doesn't seem right about it. I really don't like it.  Maybe this yarn isn't meant for this type of hat, I don't know. It does, however, remind me of Fall. So I let DH have it early and I hope I can get around to making him a better one. He was a good sport though and said he did like it. :)

I also have a third Miranda Hat going and am about half way done. My goal was to have 5 knitted by the end of September, so still feeling pretty good about that goal!

Projects Completed: 7/26

Thank you for stopping by and be sure to check out other Year of Project Posts!


...A Hat for A...

BRR! This past weekend was incredibly cool, fall weather could be around the corner! Which got me thinking, A is going to need a hat! So I whipped up the Basic Toddler Hat and love the outcome!

 He wasn't the most cooperative model this time around :0) Hoping this hat will get us through Fall and then i will whip up another one!


...Year of Projects: Week 6...

I think I might post on time this week!

VERY happy to have both my DH and son back home again! It was too quiet and lonely without them here!

As I look through my blog post list, I realize all I ever write is a Year of Projects update. Wow...boring right? Maybe after summer slows down (and my toddler slows down?) I will be able to write about something other than YOP!

This week I knit a pair of leg warmers for either a niece or a friend's dtr...not sure who will get them yet. They were big on my 14 month old (sorry buddy!) so I think they will fit the recipient perfectly!

I also added another item to the craft show knitting, bringing the total to: 9/30...Really going to have to step this up here pretty soon.

 And I worked on my Wonder Blanket a bit this afternoon, might post about that on Tuesday. Not sure what I will work on this week...I'm thinking hats might be the focus!

This Week's Totals:
Craft Show Knitting: 9/30
YOP: 6/24


...Year of Projects: Week 5...

Talk about a CrAzY week! Hubby is out of town for work, my son is at Grandma's house and I am working Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday (not a normal schedule)! This is the first time I have sat down at my computer since Sunday!

Ah, I finally have some progress on my YOP list again!

After posting about my hibernating WIPs, I knew I had to work on them this week. I FINISHED, yes, FINISHED the Garter Stitch Afghan I started almost two years ago!

Denny the Dino (as I like to call him) and Justus our Husky

I somehow messed up the first two sections of cream when I started this. I am not sure if I held the yarn or needles wrong or what, but, it looks funky. Then there is the one nice section of Garter Stitch that I just finished. Oh well! It is done!

And here is a  picture of the Owlie I finished last week.
Not the prettiest picture

I also added another item to my craft show knitting and am halfway done with a pair of legwarmers for a niece of mine. That brings the count to...5/24!