Pick A Pin!

I think this week I will Pick A Pin from my organization board. Our bathroom does not have a lot of counter space and therefore I have a "bookshelf" holding many of our bathroom items, including my hairdryer and straightener.

I am planning on doing away with the shelf completely but have yet to decide how to add more storage and not make the bathroom look any smaller. So let's start with one shelf at a time!

My 9--wow--almost 10 month old son really enjoys crawling into the bathroom while I am getting ready for the day. He beelines it to my hair straightener and hairdryer without a moment's hesitation. And while I prefer he plays with those over the toilet, I think it is time to figure out a new home for them.

I found this pin and picture from the blog Sugar Bee Crafts. She wrote that she found the idea via Pinterest but I am not sure where the original pin is. I think this will be an easy fix for my hairdryer and straightener! Come back Friday to see how I Made It Hap-Pin!