...Year of Projects: Week 5...

Talk about a CrAzY week! Hubby is out of town for work, my son is at Grandma's house and I am working Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday (not a normal schedule)! This is the first time I have sat down at my computer since Sunday!

Ah, I finally have some progress on my YOP list again!

After posting about my hibernating WIPs, I knew I had to work on them this week. I FINISHED, yes, FINISHED the Garter Stitch Afghan I started almost two years ago!

Denny the Dino (as I like to call him) and Justus our Husky

I somehow messed up the first two sections of cream when I started this. I am not sure if I held the yarn or needles wrong or what, but, it looks funky. Then there is the one nice section of Garter Stitch that I just finished. Oh well! It is done!

And here is a  picture of the Owlie I finished last week.
Not the prettiest picture

I also added another item to my craft show knitting and am halfway done with a pair of legwarmers for a niece of mine. That brings the count to...5/24!


  1. Blanket looks great and love the reappearance of the measurement dino ;-)

  2. I like both projects. The colors in the blanket are really nice.

  3. Wow. I'm super impressed with anyone who can knit a blanket. That would take me 30 years at my pace. I love the blanket and the dinosaur is so cute!

  4. haha, thanks. the dino will be making a regular appearance in all project pages now :)

  5. Hurrah for finishes! Especially never-ending blankets and cute owlie sacks. I hope your week calms down a bit for the weekend.

  6. The blanket looks great, its such a relief when you finish a huge project like that that's been around for ages, isn't it?