On The Needles...

Three more sleeps before we head back to the wonderful Midwest and the apartment is starting to look like a hotel...where is our stuff?! Oh, in all of those boxes stacked up next to me!! We are getting really excited! We've been hitting up our favorite places to eat since we have been out here, especially Chipotle!! I can't wait for Thursday!

Between packing and having either allergies or a cold, I haven't been able to knit too much this week. Here is what's OTN!

I really want to make our little guy a vest...but I have never made anything like that before! So I decided to mix and match a few patterns together and make a practice vest with yarn I really dislike! It is going to be rather big, but that's okay, it's just practice right?! I am hoping to finish it before Thursday!
And the other project on the needles is the Owlie Sack. This is first time using cables and I loved it! In my first attempt, I finished the owls and they looked lovely...however, I picked up my needles wrong and the owls ended up being on the wrong side!! I completely "Schrutted" it!! (The Office anyone?!). DH ripped it out for me (I just don't have the heart to do it!) and I started over. See the pretty owls? :o) I am about half done now!

Other than that...

I finished the baby hat (Easy Baby Knits by Claire Montgomerie) for my friend from church:
In an attempt to use up more yarn before packing it away, I made Baby Lichter a quick hat to match his Dad's.
I had to pack up my yarn yesterday...which meant A. the countdown has stopped and I was down to 7 skeins and B. I had to decide what I was going to work on during our 3 day drive back. I have a couple hats, pairs of socks, baby bibs and dishclothes in mind. And perhaps start the actual baby vest. Don't I sound optimistic for a person with a box of Kleenex?

Thanks to everyone who actually reads this! You are a trooper! Can I knit you something? :o)

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