Quarter Century...

It seems crazy that I am going to be turning 25 tomorrow...25!! I know it is crazy to say that I feel old...but I do! Then again, being 5 1/2 months pregnant MIGHT have something to do with that. :0) I think a trip to the yarn store should be in order as a birthday present, BUT, we found out last week that we are heading back to MN on March 10th! That is a wonderful present! And I think I will wait until I get back before starting my yarn stash...I have about 50 projects...
Update on projects and my yarn stash:

I finally finished my sister's scarf earlier this week! She called me yesterday to tell me that it was a good thing I made her a scarf because hers was stolen the other night! I hope this will get her through the rest of winter! I really loved how it turned out! It will be mailed out tomorrow!

I am trying to use up my bulkier yarn first and had some blue that I thought would make a great baby cocoon. It is hard to tell if the sizing is right since I don't have a baby to put in it yet, but you can bet that post will come in June!

I also finished my very first pair of mittens and really like how they turned out! They are still a little big but I am hoping they shrink a bit in the wash. I think they will come in handy once we return to MN!!

I decided to rethink how I am counting down my yarn stash. After making a large project, I usually have a small ball left. I usually knit the rest of it in bed into little squares that will someday make a type of patchwork bag. So I decide they do not count anymore!

I also joined Ravelry and have finally uploaded some finished projects to the site. It is such an amazing site...I have gotten SO many ideas!

Total Skeins\Balls of Yarn left: 9
Days Left in CA: 9

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  1. Hi... I wasn't sure how to contact you except through your blog! Sorry I'm going to leave this in your comments here :) I made my Harry Potter scarf using this pattern:

    Mine came out HUGE though... I highly recommend making it narrower (cast on less stitches!)