$50 Friday!

I have decided to name my couponing post $50 Friday as I am trying to keep the weekly trips to under $50 and would like to have it done by Friday! If you think of a more catchy name or title, please share! I have a different post coming up tomorrow so thought I would post a little early this week.

Here we go!
This was a good week, or at least it seemed really good! I was able to purchase all items in this pic plus: 6 pks hotdogs, 2 pks lunch meat, box of popsicles (why not?), cheese, chicken breasts and a 24 pk of water for:

$92.53 before coupons
$52.44 after coupons

Didn't quite make the $50 cut but I am happy with a savings of just over 40 bucks! yes please!

Looking forward to next week!!


  1. Oh my goodness Shateen - I'm so impressed!! :)

  2. Wow! Impressive. Have you considered Frugal Friday? I am a huge fan of alliteration!