...It's Another Year of Projects!...

I am really excited because the group Blog-A-Long is gearing up for a second round of Year of Projects! I definitely slacked in the blogging area after a few months, but of course, I am convinced I will stay on top of it this year. (insert a roar of laughter). Oh well, it is still a lot of fun to make a list! I am listing things in the order I would like them accomplished...that's right... I have 30+ items I want finished before October. Eek.

Here is!!

...2012/2013 Year of Projects List...

WIPS: (0/6)
*AD's Tie Sweater
*Garter Stitch Afghan--charity
*DH Scarf
*Afghan for our Room

*The Miranda Hat
       This pattern is by Project: Stash and she is hosting a KAL through September. PLEASE JOIN US!!!

*Not entirely sure on WHAT I will be knitting, but I am shooting for 30 items. Will keep a tally here.

CHRISTMAS KNITTING: ( Definitely NOT a complete list )
*Bengals Tiger Hat--Brother
*Fingerless Mitts--Mom
*Earflap Hat--Brother
*Bulky Scarf--Friend
*Christmas Stocking--A
*Leg Warmers x 3 (maybe 6?)

*Cardigan\Sweater for Me
*Fingerless Mitts for Me
*Pair of Socks
*Sweater for DH
*12 for Self List

If I count correctly, not including the craft show knitting and the charity KAL, I have 25 items I would like to complete this round. I believe last year my list included 36+ items, so see, I have learned my lesson! Looking forward to seeing everyone else's lists. Interested in joining the fun? Check out the Blog A Long group here!


  1. I LOVE your list, I think we learnt our lessons from last year, with over complicating them. I know I have!

  2. Wow, you're going to be a busy girl. There are some interesting things on your list and I'll look forward to seeing pics as we go along. Have fun. xoxox

  3. That is an ambitious list but sounds like it's more manageable than last year. Looking forward to your progress updates. Have a great week xxx

  4. It looks more manageable this year, so I'm glad you trimmed it a bit. But still. Wow!

  5. Love the list and although there seems a lot on it I still think its achieveable and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on it.

  6. I think you have got a great list, yes it's ambitious but sometimes it's good to aim high.

  7. You'll definitely be busy but I can't wait to see these! Good luck this year! :)

  8. Great list. And yes, even my list is smaller and more organized than last year and I am the Queen of biting off more than I can chew.

  9. That's a very busy list, I really admire that. I'll enjoy seeing how you progress.

  10. Great list, I'm going the opposite way with more projects on my list... oops

  11. What a great year you will have --and busy too! I appreciated your encouragement about the February Lady Sweater--I am a bit nervous as I have not knit something that big or with that much yarn--I guess I better save my pennies so I can afford that yarn. :) So glad are back with us-I love this group so much.
    *smiles and cheery wishes*

  12. It's a great list. The great thing about this group is all the encouragement to make progress. Being accountable by blogging regularly is also a great motivator! Another great year ahead!

  13. It's not the blogging I have trouble with, well not as much as getting all the knitting and crocheting done that is. Nice list and so we embark together on this mission. Best of Luck

  14. Wow, 30 things before October! Good luck with your list :D

  15. Great list! I have no idea how doable mine is but it will be fun to try :) Looking forward to seeing your progress!