...Year of Projects: Week 4 and Recap...

I cannot believe we are at the end of the first month of the second round of Year of Projects! It has been a great first month and I have enjoyed seeing everyone's progress and lists!

I have no update this week as my focus was on the Owlie Snuggle Sack...which I did finish, even though I have been distracted by the Olympics! I am unsure which project I will tackle next..I feel motivated to work on my hibernating WIPs, though I am itching to start a cardigan for this Fall!

Check out other's progress here

Here is my progress for July:

...2012/2013 Year of Projects List...

WIPS: (1/6)
*AD's Tie Sweater
*Garter Stitch Afghan--charity
*DH Scarf
*Afghan for our Room

*The Miranda Hat
       This pattern is by Project: Stash and she is hosting a KAL through September. PLEASE JOIN US!!!

*Not entirely sure on WHAT I will be knitting, but I am shooting for 30 items. Will keep a tally here.

CHRISTMAS KNITTING: ( Definitely NOT a complete list )
*Bengals Tiger Hat--Brother
*Fingerless Mitts--Mom
*Earflap Hat--Brother
*Bulky Scarf--Friend
*Christmas Stocking--A
*Leg Warmers x 3 (maybe 6?)

*Cardigan\Sweater for Me
*Fingerless Mitts for Me
*Pair of Socks
*Sweater for DH
*12 for Self List

THE TALLY: 4/24 


  1. Oooh, looking forward to seeing the snuggle sack, that's such a cute pattern!

  2. Thats it I have to put the owlie snuggle sack on my list lol after seeing it on Kim's blog and now you have done it to, can't wait to see it btw I am just going to have to do it.

  3. Love the owlie snuggle sack pattern. A friend made the owlie vest for my daughter. I just love the little owlies!

  4. Owlie sacks are great...I like your pattern and congrats to finishing..

  5. Good job on July. I am so scattered I have so many WIP's and no FO's. I need to do one at a time maybe. Lol

  6. I see my face is suddenly on your follow list. I have been trying to add it all week and there it is. I was also able to put you on my blogroll this morning. Yay!

  7. Ooh Id like to see the owlie sack, those things are so cute!