Toddler Time: Guest Post!

After I posted our fun on Tuesday, a fellow blogger and friend, Lauren at Knitting at Lunch, was inspired to do a few things with her little girl. She wanted to share her fun with you:

Toddler Time: Flour activity

Hey everyone! I'm Lauren. Thanks for letting me crash Shateen's blog. I don't really blog about much besides knitting on my own blog (knittingatlunch.blogspot.com), and since she has started her new Toddler Time activities she has inspired me to try some with my kiddo! I have a daughter who is 23 months. Today I set up a few things while she was napping and when she finally got up, we got to playing!

I created the activity by putting some flour in a 9x13 pan (any pan with sides would be good) and set it on a towel on our kitchen floor. This is definitely not an activity to do on the carpet! I thought later that it would be a nice outdoor activity if it was warm enough.

My kiddo was pretty excited when she saw it and sat right down to play. I showed her how she could touch it and draw lines and shapes. I also included some plastic utensils because I thought we could draw in the flour with them, but you can leave them out if you don't trust your toddler with pointy things! She enjoyed both using her hand and using the utensils. We also enjoyed pressing our hands down flat onto the flour to make handprints... she thought that was very cool.

Not that it would matter, but she didn't try to eat the flour at all. It is nice to have a completely nontoxic substance for playing! She definitely got it all over her foot/pants/hands, but I was prepared for that to happen. She did pick up some flour and dump it on the towel and later the floor nearby, but I made sure to tell her we need to keep it in the pan and she complied for the most part. Cleanup was easy: I threw the towel in the wash and wiped up any spills on the floor with a wet paper towel!

Thanks for letting me share our activity! Shateen let me know if you try it out with your little dude!

Looked like you two had a lot of fun Lauren! Looking forward to trying this activity out someday!

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