...Toddler Time...

(posting from my phone, hopefully good quality!)

A seems to be easily bored these days. I decided it was time to put my Pinning to good use!

First, I put pipe cleaners into a colander. Which he thought was super fun!! I think we need more colors and a colander with larger holes would be good as well. He seemed to want to put them back in but couldn't quite get it.

Then, we created a ribbon jar. I have sooo much ribbon that I rarely use so this was the perfect task! I cut up strips of ribbon and placed them in a (clean) Ragu jar. He has been playing with this for 10 min so far!! He unscrews the lid, pulls a few out, puts them back in, lid back on. Easy peasy!!!!

Hoping to have another Toddler Time post soon!!

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  1. Awesome! I want to try out activities like those as well. I will let you know if I find any good ones!!!