...Sweater Time...

If you remember last year, I challenged myself to knit my first sweater and to knit it in the month of February. Call me crazy, I did it. I may have been up until 2:00 a.m. the last day of February, but I finished it and wore it for my birthday!

I had so much fun doing it, I think I will do it again this year!

I am also joining Lisa with Knitting Blogcast  and her challenge of randomly chosing an item from our Ravelry queue to knit through in the month of February. The pattern Serra was randomly chosen and I am looking forward to casting on come February 1st!

I am going to be using some Patons Classic Wool in a gray color, forgot to look at the exact name.

Stay tuned for (hopefully) weekly updates on my Serra!


  1. Does this mean we've both given up on our husband's sweaters? LOL

  2. I can't wait to see how Serra will come along. Get your needles ready, your yarn set ... less than 24hours til cast on ... :)