...Drumroll Please...

Without further adieu, I bring you the February Lady Sweater:

Not my finest picture, but you aren't here to see me, just the sweater. :0) It still needs a button or two, which I have yet to pick out. I wore it today when I went into town to meet a friend. We of course went to our LYS and several ladies there gave me much reassurance and wonderful compliments, thank-you ladies at Athena Fibers!

Well, I did it! I knit my first sweater. I ENJOYED it...I think I might have to pick out my next pattern...


  1. It looks so awesome! Great job :)

  2. Your sweater was fabulous, and we were all impressed that you had chosen that pattern as a first project!

  3. Amazing. I am in awe... my January KAL is still chugging along... good for you!