In my last post, I mentioned a new goal I had: to use up 18 full\half skeins of yarn before we head back home in March. It is hard to tell if I have made progress or not as I have had to rip apart previous projects in order to finish off others, like with these...
I made another pair of Eco Baby Baby Booties from leftover yarn I used to make a couple hats. But in order to finish the second bootie, I had to rip out the second hat I made. Thankfully I didn't like it anyways...just wanted to avoid ripping it apart.
Then I finished up this bib I had started...I just kind of made up the pattern and it needs to be blocked still...ah the daunting task of blocking.

And finally finished off the leftover yarn from the two bibs to make mittens. This was also my first attempt at an i-cord...i got the hang of it towards the middle, those are pretty fun. Unfortunately, these mittens are not my favorite item...there has to be a few right?

I started this really pretty scarf for my sister T and used up an entire skein!! BUT! In order to finish the scarf...I have to buy ONE more skein!! Thankfully, I will use the the entire thing...I don't have to count it do I?

Not a bad week I'd say! I had to make a quick trip to buy needles... and what a steal, all three pairs clearanced out! AND I avoided buying any yarn! One would think that would be the highlight of my day...and it was, because shortly after, I was stuck trying to start our rental car for an hour and a half. Talk about frustrating. And to top it all off, I had a filling fall out and had to go to the dentist today. UGH.

It's going to be rainy weather all weekend, so I look forward to knocking more skeins off my tally. And... I think I talked my husband into taking me to an actual yarn store and not just Michael's. That means I am allowed to purchase a few right?

Total Half\Full Skeins: 13

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