Adventures in Blocking

This week isn't feeling as productive as last week in regards to my yarn stash. As you can see, I am still stuck at 13 skeins...but let me point out this is NOT that much!! Can you imagine if I was actually at home? BUT to my defense I was stuck working on this hat for DH (darling husband). I spent most of Saturday working on this...only to find...it's QUITE TOO BIG! I didn't have the strength to rip it out...so I made DH do it.I started it again on Sunday, determined to get it right! After multiple cast-on's we finally had it! Almost done!
And it is finished!!! Unfortunately...it is still too big. But he was a good sport and is wearing it anyways. What a guy!

Anyways, perhaps you are wondering why this post is called Adventures in Blocking... I decided today was the day to block my finished projects because they were starting to pile up! I've never done it before and was a little nervous, but I think I figured it out? I am learning that you should block as soon as you finish...otherwise your ironing board is going to sit in the hallway for days on end...
That's all for now...I better get going on that pile...


  1. What did you make your bibs out of?!?? I usually use cotton, that's why I am asking. I don't bother trying to block anything but wool because it really doesn't do much :-) Cute stuff though!!! Also your man is a good sport :)

  2. Haha, I used Sugar and Cream for the bibs. :0) One of them was really curling so I had to block it to straighten out, much better now! Thank-you for checking out my blog, I am just getting started, so feedback is SO appreciated! and it is neat to know you have readers! He is such a good sport! He wears it all the time...even though we are currently in CA! What a guy!