Finally Finished!

Here are some projects I finally finished!

My brother's apartment warming dishcloths. Thankfully I could procrastinate on these because he does not have an apartment yet. :)

Another baby hat for a friend at church to go with the bib I made earlier. It still needs to be blocked, but judging by the way I am going, I will never get it posted if I don't post it now!

And finally...the Owlie Sack! This has been done for a few months but has been sitting in the "need to block" pile. Look at those pretty owls. I found a pattern for a baby\toddler vest that I may just "have" to do now because the owls were so fun! One of my friends who picked up knitting a few months ago is on an owl kick...come to think of it, her son is turning one in a couple months...hmmm. :)

I have actually been knitting almost every day again. Still working on the giraffe kit. I have the head, body, two arms and one leg done and am afraid I am running out of yarn. So, the adventure of finding matching yarn to complete the giraffe has caused me to put him on hold. I started a sun hat last night for our baby boy, who by the way should be making his debut in 5 weeks! He doesn't have alot of knitwear yet...I am sure this will change. :)

That's all for now, thanks to all of those who read this!

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