Pick A Pin!

I am sure most of you are aware of Pinterest and are in awe of all the wonderful things there are out there! I am a big fan of the DIY\Craft, Food and Gardening areas. Whenever I am waiting in line at the grocery store or have a few moments, I grab my phone and check out the Pinterest app. I pin a lot of things and I pin them because I REALLY want to do them!!

Starting this week, I decided I was going to pick ONE pin and make it happen. My plan is to share my Pick A Pin! post on Monday and on Friday share my Made It Hap-Pin! post, complete with feedback and pictures!

Since this was Valentine's week, I chose something from my crafting board to make for hubby and I.

Christy Kilgore came up with this great idea!:

I thought these looked really fun and are a creative way to let your spouse know why you love them EVERYDAY not just once a year.

Come back later to see how I Made It Hap-Pin!


  1. What a fab idea!! I haven't joined Pinterest yet but have heard a lot of good things about it so I might join the party too ;)

    Love the frames, they're very cool!

  2. I love pinterest too! There are lots of great ideas on my boards and I have managed to make a few...maybe if I didn't work full time I would get even more of them done. Well done on your sucess!