...Year of Projects...

Time for a Year of Projects Update!

In last week's post, I mentioned that I was starting the February Lady Sweater. My yarn arrived with impeccable timing...right on February 1st! I knit my swatch during A's nap and I cast on as soon as he went to bed for the night! I am 4 rows away from starting the eyelet increases and all is well so far. I am hoping to get to the increase this afternoon and maybe to the body by tonight?! Better quote me here, because as of right now, is is the only thing I want to do!! I get soo excited to work on it!

There is a small group of us at the 12 for Self group on Ravelry working on the FLS if you are interested in joining! We are officially kicking off Feb. 10th!

In other YOP news, I am working on the Moderne Log Cabin Afghan for our room. It doesn't look very exciting right now, so I will spare you the boring picture. I am about halfway through the first block.

I have no changes to my YOP list for January :o( I have a strong feeling this list will roll onto next year's YOP :o)


  1. Love the colour of that sweater! It's looking good so far.

  2. The yarn looks lovely - good stitch definition and nice springiness from what I can see. If it turns up on the first day of February while the little one is napping, then it's definitely meant to be!

  3. I'm smiling b/c you're so excited to work on the sweater. How do you like that Wool of the Andes yarn? I got some teal colored skeins from my grandmother who generously shared her yarn w/me.

  4. I love that sweater pattern and hope someday to make myself one--I will be watching your comments as you go along--very pretty yarn too. I think we can all relate to that feeling of excitement over a newly started project that we love--go you!

  5. That sweater is going to be so lovely!

    Thank you for the 12 for Self link, I'll have a look.