Massive Knitting Update!

It has been awhile since my last post and I've been busy! A 20 hour road trip has been helpful :0) You have been warned, this post is picture-heavy. :O)

First is a Puppy Hat made for a high school friend's baby...but not this baby. This is the beautiful baby girl who received the Owlie Sack earlier this year. Since Baby G has not made his or her appearance yet, Miss T modeled for the camera. My friend seemed to like it quite a bit...she even requested adult size hats!

The baby shower was for two of my high school friends, however, one is currently on bed rest and was unable to attend. These are the gifts for her baby girl:

Petal Bib from the book One Skein. Still needs some blocking...
A Bow Headband. The band is crocheted and the bow is improvised from this pattern.
Flower Headband. Simple garter stitch for the band and this pattern for the knit flower. I already posted the vest but here it is in its completion! He is wearing this EVERYDAY as it looks like it will not fit long!
And finally, the Jingle All the Way Hat! Minus the bells...to be added soon!
mmm...I wonder which items he will be wearing for his six month pictures? :0) Thanks for sticking with me through all the pictures!


  1. Love the pics soooo cute :D. Well done on all you got completed.

  2. Cute knits, and is that your little man? He is so big and adorable!!!!

    Also did you knit the petal bib with cotton? I don't think they really block out but I think I like them curly. My SIL made one for my daughter!

  3. Aww, he's so cute! Forgive me noticing this first, but I just had to say that! All the projects are great! I especially like the vest.

  4. All too cute! Totally know what you mean about things not fitting long once you're finished knitting them. I had every intention of knitting our baby girl a dress but the rate she's growing, the size I was GOING to make will fit her in mid-winter which won't quite work for a spring dress :-P. Nice work on all the little baby project goodness!!

  5. These are all super cute, and the models are even cuter!

  6. Lots of cute things, but I'm drawn to the adorable blue vest. It looks so nice and warm and soft!

  7. You are so talented! And, he is a DOLL! Even better in person. Got a lot of cute pics of him today :) Loved seeing you guys