Year of Projects Update

I have another post coming soon that has completed YOP items and pictures, so here is an update on my list:

Christmas 2011 (due dates for projects in italics)

*Yarn Swap Gift--August 1st
*Hawkeye Scarf--September 1st

*Owlie Sack for Baby Smith--November 1st
*Special Occasion Scarf for Grandma Faye--December 25th (WIP)
*Owlie Sack for Baby Ruyter--December 1st--Changed to Headbands and Petal Bib
Jingle Bells Hat for Aiden--December 1st

4 3 Secret Christmas Scarves--December 25th (only NEED to make 3) (WIP: 1 down, 2 to go!)
*1 Secret Christmas Scarf--December 25th (May be eliminated...)
*Mittens for Mom--December 25th
*3 Hats--December 25th (For: Joshua, Jason, Daniel) One hat has been eliminated...
*Hanging Dishtowel for Z--December 25th
*Leg Warmers--4 sets for my nieces...not entirely sure about this, but my husband thinks it would be neat, so I am adding it.

Top 6 Blog-A-Long Picks
Aiden's Afghan (WIP)
*Fingerless Mitts for Me
*Pillowcase for Bedroom
*Ballband Dishcloth
*Leg Warmers--inspired and motivated by a fellow blogger and Blog A Long member

The In Case I Finish List
*Sweater for Me
*Learn how to knit entrelac
*Coffee Koozie
*Breast Cancer Dishcloth
*Baby Sweater\Vest
*Windmill Bag
*Baby Feet Dishcloth

YOP Completions for November:
*Petal Bib and 2 Headbands
*Jingle Bells Hat
*Baby Vest

*Eliminated 1 Hat
*Eliminated niece's legwarmers...maybe after Christmas I'll work on them...
*Likely going to be a few more eliminations as a few friends have asked for some Christmas gifts...

The Tally:

A reader suggested adding all other items completed that are not mentioned on my Year of Projects list to make me feel better about not getting very far on YOP items:
Other Items
*Snowflake Dishcloth
*2 Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloths
*Hanging Dishcloth
*Fingerless Gloves
*Pumpkin Hat
*Cable Footies
*Puppy Hat
*2 Baby Headbands
*Mittens for Aiden
*2 Bow Belts


  1. You've done a lot in just a few months! Congrats.

  2. I see lots of things crossed off, more off then on, so looks like you're doing well.

  3. Did you actually make the Owlie sack? Awesome job on the list, you're rocking it! I'm hoping to make something similar to the owlie sack or a cocoon for a newborn for a friend. I'm absolutely new to this and just wondering if you had some great ideas/tips to do so?

  4. I think you've done a lot more than you give yourself credit for! And I love your "In case I finish" title.