...One A Day...Tuesday Tallies

...One a Day...

Not even close! This project has been seriously neglected and is only worked on when hubby and I are driving together, which has not been very often lately! I need to get this done otherwise A will have outgrown it!!
It goes so fast but I just cannot bring myself to work on it. Then again if you read my YOP post, you will know I have been busy gift knitting. Must recommit to working on it! A's afghan has taken a period of hibernation until after Christmas. That's okay right?


  1. Of course it is ok for an afghan to go into hibernation.....................most children don't out grow afghans too often. LOL

  2. Well it looks nice so far, I hope you find the time to finish it before your little one outgrows it.

  3. That happened to me... I have a sweater half-frogged because my BABY is suddenly a one year old??? Hurry and knit! ;-)