Week...?\End of October Recap

I have been M.I.A from the blogging world lately! By the time I am settled into my chair for the night, I look at my laptop or my knitting\crocheting...and judging by the lack of posts lately, you can tell which one has won that battle! Hope you are comfy, this is a long post!

I have been very awful at my YOP list. SO many gifts have popped up! Several baby shower items PLUS a little special item AFTER they enter the world, birthday gifts, a MUST MAKE NOW project for A, and a few "would you make this for me?" projects. PLUS! Planning a party for my friend getting married, parent dedication with A, early Thanksgiving and planning our trip to North Carolina to meet my biological father and his family for Thanksgiving! All very exciting! All keeping me on my toes! PLUS! A is 5 months old and learns new things everyday!

I think I will have to take this into account for next year's YOP list (I already have a list started! Isn't that crazy! Then again, if you are a YOP member, you do too...you know you do.)

Here is what I have been working on:

You might remember these from a few posts back...they are the Cable Footies by Leigh Radford. Made for a friend (who has happily received them, wonky toe decreases and all):
Do you see the bad toe? Ugh. She did not seem to mind too much (thanks C).

Here is the MUST MAKE NOW item for A:
Can I add just one more??
Only because you need a close up of the hat.... ;)

I have also been working on this as I have a lot of friends that are expecting right now. It didn't turn out very well:
The bow is really wonky (yep, that is my new word) plus I am not good at crochet. (determined to get better!) So I am working on my own made up pattern...hopefully will have pics of that soon.

So here is my Lack-Of-October-Recap:
Christmas 2011 (due dates for projects in italics)

*Yarn Swap Gift--August 1st
*Hawkeye Scarf--September 1st

*Owlie Sack for Baby Smith--November 1st
*Special Occasion Scarf for Grandma Faye--December 25th (WIP)
*Owlie Sack for Baby Ruyter--December 1st--Changed to Headbands and Petal Bib
Jingle Bells Hat for Aiden--December 1st
4 3Secret Christmas Scarves--December 25th (only NEED to make 3) (WIP: 1 down, 2 to go!)
*1 Secret Christmas Scarf--December 25th
*Kindle Pocket--December 25th

Mittens for Mom--December 25th
*Hats--December 25th
(For: Kyle, Joshua, Jason, Daniel)
*Hanging Dishtowel for Z--December 25th
Leg Warmers--4 sets for my nieces...not entirely sure about this, but my husband thinks it would be neat, so I am adding it.

Top 6 Blog-A-Long Picks
Aiden's Afghan (WIP)
*Fingerless Mitts for Me
*Pillowcase for Bedroom
*Ballband Dishcloth
*Leg Warmers--inspired and motivated by a fellow blogger and Blog A Long member,

The In Case I Finish List
*Sweater for Me
*learn how to knit entrelac
*Coffee Koozie
*Breast Cancer Dishcloth
*Baby Sweater\Vest (WIP)
*Windmill Bag
*Baby Feet Dishcloth

6/33 Completed...well. It's better than LAST month! I can't be too upset as this list has been neglected d\t gift knitting. But Christmas is creeping up and I am afraid I will have to cut some items out after I prioritize the Christmas knitting.

Thanks for checking in! I have a few more posts to write, check back later!


  1. Loved reading all about your works and also seeing lovely A in her hat.

    For next years YoP just start it with the things not done this year. And to make your YoP this year look more impressive, revise your list to include all those gifts you have been making for the upcoming wee ones. Not to mention the NOW things you have completed. It will surprise you how much you really have done.

  2. Omg look at your little pumpkin man! He's adorable!

  3. I love your little one's pumpkin hat!! Our 3 month old little girl had that same outfit for this year but it BARELY fit her by Halloween, they grow too quick! What a cute smile too! :)

  4. Awww .. who's that little cutie in the orange hat ? Just kidding .... Little A is gorgeous and looks pretty spunky in those pics. Sounds like your world is pretty hectic right now so its good that you can relax now and then with your knitting. Have a good week.