$50 Friday!

Didn't have too many coupon deals this week, however, here is a picture of my trip to Walgreens:
Was able to get 3 Ajax cleaners, 1 Tylenol precise cream, bag of gummy candy and 4 candy bars all for $1.15. I had a lot more on my list but I missed a lot of the deals.

My grocery trip wasn't anything to brag about...

Was able to get all of this plus lettuce, tomatoes, onion, apples, 2 lunchables, and 2 more yogurts (husband ate them already) for around $47.00. Made it under my $50 limit but Hy-Vee has a deal on meat, seafood and cheese, so I think I am going to go stock up! That will put me over my $50 but hopefully it will all last awhile!

Come back next week! How are your grocery trips going? Have you been using your coupons?

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  1. my grocery trips are sadly few and far between. But you have inspired me to start trying to coupon!

    I currently don't sell my hand spun. No plans of it yet. Maybe after I graduate? I do spin as prizes sometimes though and have done the occasional commissioned spin though =D