$50 Friday!

It's Friday! The week does fly by doesn't it? Before I share how this week went, I have a photo to share. And yes, it is coupon related. :0)

I helped my mom get into couponing shortly after I started. She has taken off! She is very good at it too. She has a store in her area that I do not, so at the beginning of the week I let her know which deals I would like her to snag for me. Mom came to visit me and A this week and she brought my purchases along. Wow! I seemed to have my own stockpile there! Over the course of a month, this is what I have acquired:
$21.53 worth of product!!!
I do not have the receipts, so not sure of my total savings but I can say that 6 boxes of poptarts at regular price is very close to $20!

Onto this week... I didn't grab too much for groceries as we will be gone most of next week but did find a few deals. Here is my trip to Walgreens:
Never tried sweet and salty chex mix or this kind of chocolate; always fun to try for pennies!

Before q's: $10.86
After q's: $1.47
Total Savings of: $9.39

My total shopping trip for the week:

Also included but not pictured: hamburger, ckn, pork chops, bacon, 4 pizzas and bananas.

Before q's: $58.43
After q's: $34.46
Total Savings: $20.97

Not too bad of a week! I wanted to give a quick shout out to my cousin S who has been couponing for awhile now, but never quite knew how to maximize her savings. We have been chatting this week and she is doing great!


  1. That's lots of savings. What I'm curious about, since I rarely use coupons is do you buy things you don't use? I mean do you buy things cause it's a good deal even if they're not items you would have purchased without the coupon? I find when I look at the coupons they're not the brands I like, or the food we eat. As I look at your stuff...pop, poptarts etc. those are things I ever buy. The other thing I'm interested in learning from you is...how much time do you put into your couponing, and do you have lot of storage so you can stock up on things that you don't have to worry about an expiration date on? Thanks for the nice comments regarding my wedding ghan. Sure hope I can get it done in time.

  2. sandy, i will send you a message via rav!