$50 Friday!

Time for $50 Friday!!

This week was MUCH better for coupon deals and I was more organized for my trips. First off, here is my trip to Walgreens:
Total Before: $55.01
Total After: $11.52

This was a great week for deals. The had alot of baby\nursing items on sale with rewards too! The best finds were the dog treats. The HUGE boxes are usually $7 and they were marked down to $1.75. But of course, I had a coupon! So I was able to get 2 boxes for $1.50! My husky is going to love me!

Here is everything from all shopping trips, including Walgreens.

Also included in this trip\total, but not pictured: family pack chicken drumsticks, chicken breasts, hamburger, cheese singles, green pepper, tomatoes, eggs, broccoli and an onion.

Total Before: $114.71
Total After: $58.42

Went over my $50 goal again but random purchases always seem to sneak in last minute for events, etc. Not going to complain with a $56.29 savings!

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  1. Nice savings, I have to say I'm not very good about remembering to use coupons. I put them on fridge, then throw them away when I realize they've expired. I tend to go to CVS, habit, though Walgreens in also nearby. Most of the items you get there (in your picture) are items I get at Sams, love buying in bulk and save some money that way, don't have to use coupons; though it's harder to know how much you're saving.