Year of Projects--Week 5 \July Recap

Those of us at Blog A Long have been at our challenge for a whole month! I thought it might be fun to recap my original list and progress made.

Christmas 2011 (due dates for projects in italics)
*Yarn Swap Gift--August 1st
*Hawkeye Scarf--September 1st
*Owlie Sack for Baby Smith--November 1st (WIP)
*Special Occasion Scarf for Grandma Faye--December 25th (WIP)
*Owlie Sack for Baby Ruyter--December 1st
Jingle Bells Hat for Aiden--December 1st
*Secret Christmas Scarves--December 25th
(I can't reveal these, but I am making 5!)
*Kindle Pocket--December 25th
Mittens for Mom--December 25th
*Hats--December 25th
(For: Kyle, Joshua, Jason, Daniel)
*Hanging Dishtowel for Z--December 25th
Leg Warmers--4 sets for my nieces...not entirely sure about this, but my husband thinks it would be neat, so I am adding it.

Top 6 Blog-A-Long Picks
Aiden's Afghan
*Fingerless Mitts for Me
*Ballband Dishcloth
*Leg Warmers--inspired and motivated by a fellow blogger and Blog A Long member,

The In Case I Finish List
*Sweater for Me
*learn how to knit entrelac
*Coffee Koozie
*Breast Cancer Dishcloth
*Baby Sweater
*Windmill Bag
*Baby Feet Dishcloth

3/35 completed...yikes.

I have added several items to my general list but am not going to consider them part of my blog a long list. My computer has a sticky note application and I have one huge sticky note with all projects listed. Before Christmas I have 25 projects to complete and I am sure more will be added. AND lots more baby items to make for friends and family! Woot!

Onto week four progress...not much. I thought I would get a lot done while I was at my mom's but that was a negative, we shopped too much. :) However, this week I will have a long drive to knit on, hopefully progress will be made.

I went to work on (and thought finish) the owlie sack but realized that I needed to go 2 more inches of stockinette...haven't felt motivated to work on that. So I decided to work on the coffee koozie that is from my "In Case I Finish" list...who said I had to go in order?!

First I tackled yarn barf.

Then after about an hour over 2 days I finished what I'll call my 'Cup O' Jo Cozy'!

Very fun knit and pattern to follow. Looking forward to my morning cup o' jo!

How are you coming along? Wish you were further? Need to add more projects? Want to join the Blog A Long challenge? Visit us here.


  1. Hi Shateen - Love your coffee mug cosy and am inspired to do one in crochet. Something else to add to my list for this week !! Three finished things on your list is good. I'm really enjoying the YOP and meeting lots of new cyber friends.

  2. My list keeps changing too! I love your coffee cozy :)

  3. Good luck with your list! It looks like you'll have a bit more time on your hands after Christmas :)

  4. Perfect button choice for a very jaunty mug cosy! I was falling behind, but I think I've caught up again, but my list is only 17 projects long!

    My biggest problem is that when I read the other posts I see things that I want to knit and crochet instead! Last week I made two amigurumi instead of working on my list!

  5. very cute coffee cosy. If i had to work from my list exactly as i've written it I would go out of mind. Npt to nag (commence with nagging) but I'm really looking forward to seeing the owlie sacque finished. No pressure;P glad you had a good time shopping with your mom.

  6. Yarn barf can be such a pain. I untangled 300 yds of Pashmina over three days.
    Cute cup cozy. Would make nice, simple gifts.

  7. Your cup cozy is so cute! I love the color you picked for it too! and WOW I thought my list was big. Yours puts mine to shame... better get knitting!

  8. I hate yarn barfs. I hate them so much that my husband usually untangles them for me as I get so frustrated by the whole thing. Love the cup cozy. Very cute!

  9. love the cozi! I should make one too! I have one in my queue, but your's is quite cute!