Year of Projects Update

It's Sunday! Therefore, it is time for a Year of Projects update! Considering our group has only been working on our project lists for 2 days, I do not have much to report on my list, but I do have a report!

The first project on my list was for a yarn swap I am participating in. I have had a pattern for a small pouch\bag that I have wanted to try out for awhile now and thought this was the best time! Obviously, it needs to be blocked and sewn together still.
I am going to include a few goodies such as earrings for her dtrs and some buttons for her inside of it.

The Hawkeye Scarf is so close to completion its ridiculous! I need to straighten the stripes as best I can, sew the ends together and block it. I am hoping to get it to its recipient on Monday!
Thanks for checking in, stay tuned and come back next Sunday!


  1. I'm enjoying reading everyone's updates and making new bloggy friends. Hope to see a pic of your little bag when its finished.

  2. Great progress for the first couple of days, hope you get the scarf done on time and can't wait to see a picture of the bag/pouch

  3. Scarf looks great!

  4. I swore I commented on this yesterday! Oh well, They both look great!

  5. Iowa, huh? I have family there. :) Great job on the projects!

  6. what a great start