...One A Day: The Wonder Blanket 2...

If you remember last week, I decided to join Carole's One A Day Group again and started a Wonder Blanket, part of Project: Stash's KAL.

I mentioned having already gone through my neutral colored scraps and would be moving onto an Autumn themed Wonder Blanket...and I have!

Not a lot of progress...started with a tan and just added some hunter green. I have been getting about a row or two done everyday and hope to continue that pace.

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  1. There are alot of these blankets in blogland at the moment. Great way of using up scraps

  2. I look forward to see this grow over the coming weeks. Thanks for the inspiration last week, I decided to make one too after reading your post. Deb xxx

  3. Well one or two rows a day is what this group is all about so I think that's progress!