...Works in Progress, More like Hibernation...

Earlier this week, I promised I would share my Outstanding WIPs with you. I guess I think that if I share them with all who read this, I will be embarrassed enough to finish them!

In order from most recent:

1. A's Tie Sweater: I started this in May and got this far...and as you can see, I am going to run out of yarn...barely. I have been searching everywhere for this DISCONTINUED yarn, messaged various members of Ravelry and am having NO luck. So, if you have Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton in Washed Denim, I will forever love you.

2. DH's Scarf: I started this...in March I think. And then the weather turned incredibly hot. So it sits in the drawer. As you can see from the dinosaur, I didn't get too far. ;)

3. Garter Stitch Afghan: I started this while in CA...about 1 1/2 years ago. Moved back home and lost interest in working on it. My plan is to knit this for charity.

4. Giraffe (or as I call it, Creepy Gremlin Thing): I received this kit from my SIL for my birthday and was really excited to try it. I think I failed. He is supposed to be a Giraffe, but his ears are funky and I am terrible at seaming. But really, all I need to do is stitch on a face. That's it. And then Creepy Gremlin Thing will be done. (I am so sorry E that I failed at this, but it was a perfect gift. I will do better next time)

5. Broomstick Lace (?): Before we left for CA, I worked in a nursing home facility in the Activity and Social Services Dept. A lady there LOVED to crochet and I asked her to teach me something. She said this was Broomstick Lace and was teaching me out to make a pillowcase cover. When I looked at this today, I am in the process of BINDING OFF. How on earth did I NOT finish this? She has since passed away and I really feel I need to finish this. I think some pretty fabric behind it will work nicely.

And there you have it friends, these are the hibernating WIPS that take up an entire dresser drawer.  After I finish this Owlie Snuggle Sack, I think I will dedicate a week to these.


  1. Thought on your tie sweater... is the only thing left to knit the collar part? What if you knit the collar in the same color yarn you are going to use for the tie? Then it would look like you did it on purpose and it's part of the tie!

    Also I'm going to start using a dinosaur for scale in my photos :-D

    1. I thought about that. i am going to try one more person and then give that thought a go. I want this done!!

  2. It is always interesting to pull projects out of hibernation and see where and why we got stuck on something. So sorry to hear about the discontinued yarn! I think the giraffe will be cute anyway :).

    1. thank you for your kind words on the giraffe :0) I hope he turns out okay. i know my son will like him none the less.

  3. I have so many works in progress right now, it is shameful. I have been trying all weekend to add you to my blogroll and add myself to your followers list. Something is up with blogger and google. I will keep trying. I love your blog.