...One A Day: Wonder Blanket...

I have come back to participate in Carole's One A Day Group and have chosen to work on Project: Stash's Wonder Blanket KAL every day.

I went through my yarn scraps\ends and was seeing three themes: A brown, tan, off-white theme (no idea I was so into browns, neutrals, etc), a fall-colored theme (oranges, deep reds, browns) and a crazy color theme (lime greens, pinks, purples, blues). I know that it should not bother me to mix all of these together into ONE blanket, but it did! There is no way on earth I could mix all of these colors together and be happy with the outcome!

Therefore, I started the first of THREE (?) Wonder Blankets. This first one will be for all of my neutral, browns, tan, etc yarn ends. Amazingly enough, it will match my living room!

I hate to say it but I have already finished my neutral scraps!! Judging by the remote control on the left side of the picture, I have not gotten very far! But that is okay! These blankets will be those projects that get added to every so often and have no deadline.

I guess now I will start the Autumn themed blanket!


  1. What a great way to use your scraps up, I look forward to seeing your Autumn one. Deb xx

  2. Lovely! The colors match my bedroom! Lol. Three blankets should keep you busy for a while, can't wait to see them all x

  3. Thanks for the heads up with the wonder blanket KAL, I'm going to sort out my yarn and join in the fun. Deb xxx

  4. That's the spirit! The Wonder Blanket is an on-going project that will continue to use up our scraps - almost like a visual diary of our knitting history!

  5. Hooray for using up those ends. I have never been able to throw away yarn so this is the perfect project. I just joined along on the Project Stash KAL group on Ravelry this morning.I am getting ready to gather my yarn!