...Year of Projects: Week Three...

It has been a productive week of knitting, but not for my Year of Projects list. While I did manage to add one more item to my craft show knitting, I focused mainly on starting a second Wonder Blanket (this has been incredibly addicting to work on) and an Owlie Sack for a friend.

I did however manage to knit this up quick from my 12 For Self list:

 My Coffee, My Son's Graham Cracker

The pattern is Yarn Basket and was knit with a Lion Brand bulky weight. At first, I didn't care for it. It was (and still is) floppy. But after placing something circular in the bottom (and filling it with WIPS, and no, those are not all of my WIPS...come back tomorrow to see those in hibernation) it looks better.

Thanks for stopping by to check on my Year of Projects Progress! Click HERE to see more incredibly progress!


  1. Cute! I love the graham cracker. Lately if I try and take a pic of one of my FOs or skeins or whatever there is a blurry little hand in the photo :-)

  2. I have been thinking about doing one of those baskets, it will look so much better than the plastic bags currently holding my time out project over in the corner! A couple of other members are also working on owlies..I'm going to have to check them out..


  3. That looks like a very useful blanket, I'm sure it will get lots of use if you are to complete your list!

  4. It's very cute, but I agree, it would annoy me if it didn't stand up properly!

  5. Can I have your graham cracker! lol Haven't had one in years. Cute basket idea for small wip, I've got larger ones at the moment, but think that would be cute instead of a pile of something on the coffee table.