Year of Projects Post--Week 6

Another week has FLOWN by! Was able to stay busy this week with a road trip to Des Moines and camping with family. Both were enjoyable!

Thanks to much encouragement, I finished the Owlie Sack! Yay! Upon completion, tying in ends, throwing away my notes, etc. I realized I did the decreases wrong. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! You know what? I left it alone and decided it was beautiful the way it was and the baby who gets to cuddle with his\her mommy is not going mind that the decreases are wrong. He will just want to cuddle his mommy.

In other news,

I had to rip out a few rows of the SOS scarf. I counted wrong on a row and proceeded to rip out that row to try again. In the process I lost a stitch and cannot find it. I think it ran away. Probably was offended that I insisted on continuing to use long metal needles instead of short wooden ones as recommended. So...I will NOT be starting it again until I get the right needles. Sad day. But I will leave you with it's progress...

I am about 75% done with Snowflake Dishcloth for a swap I am in...but I guess that isn't technically YOP related. :o)

Now that I am done with my first Owlie Sack and am putting the SOS scarf on hold for a bit, it's time to pick another project from my list! It's either a second owlie sack, the jingle bells hat or starting one of the secret Christmas scarves. (which i can reveal bc all recipients know now!), the harry potter scarf. Which do you think?


  1. My you are a busy knitter! I adore your owlie sack and can't wait for my daughter to get pregnant again so I have a reason to make one! So sweet and snuggly...

  2. What a nice little sack for an adorable bebe. Do try to get a pic of all that sweetness!

  3. Good work on the Owlie sack! I do find wooden needles easier if the yarn is slippery!

    I'd start a Harry Potter scarf. It sounds like you'll be doing more than one and scarves can tedious so I'd keep plugging away at them!

  4. Nice knitting - the sack looks lovely! (The Harry Potter scarf gets my vote too)

  5. Sounds like you had a fun camping trip with family. We used to do that alot when we were all younger. The baby sack looks wonderful, and right you are, the baby isn't going to care.

  6. Really cute owlie sack. You're doing well with all your projects ... keep the posts coming.

  7. I have a Harry Potter scarf on the needles that I need to frog and then start over. I am going to use less stitches this time since the 70 I started with seem way to big.

  8. The owlie sack rocks! I don't see anything going wrong here - great job!