Crafting Time?

When do you like to do your craft of choice?

I find that my most productive knitting time is around mid-morning. A is either playing or napping, I have my cup of coffee and my needles are sitting right next to me. I might as well pick up my current project! I also am able to knit a bit at night after A is (hopefully) down for the night or while riding in the car.

Do you have a specific time you dedicate to your craft? Or are you flexible? Or do you craft ALL day?

I also wanted to include a few pics of A in his knitted hat from my dear friend B. She is becoming quite the knitter! Still a tad big...but he will grow into it soon I am sure!

He is just too cute!


  1. These pictures are super cute. I do a lot of my crafting during my commute to and from work (don't worry, I'm on the subway not driving!). I also do a fair amount in the evening and on weekends in the afternoons. I'm not much of a morning person, so I don't do too much crafting then.

  2. I love those pictures, they are so cute! I think he really likes the hat.