End of August Recap

I cannot believe it has been 2 months since entering the Year of Projects. This has been such a fun experience for me. I enjoy the accountability and knowing that there are other knitters\crocheters out there doing the same thing. I have LOVED going through and reading everyone's blogs and their progress. I must admit, I have a YOP 12/13 list started in the back of my brain. LOL! Oh you know you do too!!

Week 8, let's be honest, AUGUST has proved to be incredibly busy! And progress on my list has been minimal. I think part of it is due to entering a couple swaps where a homemade item was required, which is totally fine and fun! But I am swearing that off until I have made better progress on my list!

This week I made some headway on the first of at least 3 Secret Christmas Scarves...which really, all recipients know about them, and at least one reads this blog, so no more secret. They are 3 Harry Potter scarves in Gryffindor colors! The legacy must live on!

As you can see I am not very far but these should go relatively fast after I finish those swap projects. Here is my complete YOP list update:

Christmas 2011
(due dates for projects in italics)

*Yarn Swap Gift--August 1st
*Hawkeye Scarf--September 1st

*Owlie Sack for Baby Smith--November 1st
*Special Occasion Scarf for Grandma Faye--December 25th (WIP)
*Owlie Sack for Baby Ruyter--December 1st

*Jingle Bells Hat for Aiden--December 1st
*4 Secret Christmas Scarves--December 25th (only NEED to make 3) (WIP)
*1 Secret Christmas Scarf--December 25th
*Kindle Pocket--December 25th
*Mittens for Mom--December 25th
*Hats--December 25th
(For: Kyle, Joshua, Jason, Daniel)
*Hanging Dishtowel for Z--December 25th
Leg Warmers--4 sets for my nieces...not entirely sure about this, but my husband thinks it would be neat, so I am adding it.

Top 6 Blog-A-Long Picks
Aiden's Afghan (WIP)
*Fingerless Mitts for Me
*Ballband Dishcloth
*Leg Warmers--inspired and motivated by a fellow blogger and Blog A Long member,

The In Case I Finish List
*Sweater for Me
*learn how to knit entrelac
*Coffee Koozie
*Breast Cancer Dishcloth
*Baby Sweater
*Windmill Bag
*Baby Feet Dishcloth

**since last update, I've completed the Baby Smith Owlie Sack, started the first Secret Xmas scarf (switched to 4 for this pattern and added the 5th under another pattern), deleted Kindle pocket as she already has one, and completed Ballband.**

5/33 completed.

Here's to another month that is hopefully more productive! Did I mention that I realllly want to re-learn crochet??


  1. You're not doing badly on your list, I don't think. Although I'd never plod through that many scarves, so you must be a lot more patient and self-disciplined than me :) I'm sure the recipients will love them though!

  2. Loving the scarf, I'm about to start the first of the four houses for my eldest four children so it will be lovely knowing someone else is knitting it too. Funny I've decided to start with the Gryffindor scarf too lol

  3. I have a good crochet book if you'd like to look at it.

  4. I'd say you're very fast! Thescarves are bound to be great!

  5. I love your "In case I finish list", knitters are prepared for anything! Good luck with the crochet, and I love the scarf!

  6. Oh...I am with you on the learning crochet and I can very definitely blame that on this YOP event! Sadly, I need another hobby like a hole in the head. You are doing super on your list--and yes, I have the beginnings of a 12/13/ list simmering in my mind too. :)

  7. Those scarves are popular. Double knit makes me antsy though. Can't wait to see how it turns out!