One A Day...

Keeps the doctor away?

Yes I am fighting a sore throat, but that is not what this post is about. I have been known to fill my plate to the point of overflow, but when it is such a good idea, how can I not just add one more tiny thing?

Carole at Gingerbread Girl came up with a wonderful idea for those of us who have bigger projects that we really want to tackle...but are intimidated by them. Introducing: One A Day! The goal? Work a line, row, chunk, square, segment, WHATEVER every day! This is perfect for me. I really want to complete A's Afghan before he turns one and I have yet to start it. I chose Plaid bébé P'tit riz as the pattern for his afghan. I am not sure if I will aim to do a row a day or a row of squares...guess we will see what happens??

I also want to take the same idea to work on a vest for A as well. I am thinking either the Pembroke or Pebbles (both?) one in cotton and one in a wool\acrylic blend.

I know, I'm crazy. But admit it...you find it entertaining!! Stay tuned!

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  1. Thank you for your nice comments about my granny stripe, I have been dreaming about doing one for a few months and I am so enjoying it although granted it is early days. I also like you, have a load of things to do, but can't resist doing a one a day blanket. The two vests you are planning are lovely, the Pembroke one is gorgeous. I look forward to seeing your projects!