Year of Projects--Week 7

So I technically did not make any progress on my YOP list...but maybe getting yarn for my next project is worthy of a post? This is "I love this yarn" from Hobby Lobby. Anyone ever worked with it before?
Thanks to several helpful comments, I will be starting a HP scarf next. And possibly A's Jingle Bell Hat.

So why didn't I make any progress?


First I knit up the Snowflake Dishcloth for a Christmas in July Swap. Has anyone ever made this? I had to wonder why the pattern asked to make the small holes in the middle...any thoughts? Maybe I did it wrong...it looks like a snowflake with nostrils!

Second, I needed to work on 2 Dishcloths for a Dishcloth Swap. I have always wanted to make the Ballband so I cast that on and let me tell you, I love it! I am now several rows further. Need to pick a second pattern still...

Third, while working on the Ballband I remembered it was my step-mom's bday earlier this month and had forgotten to grab a gift! Ack! SO! Decided to knit up a few dishcloths for her as well! The hanging dishcloth I knitted up to have on hand as a last minute gift...so glad I did that!

Have birthdays, swaps, etc kept you from your YOP list? Tell me about it and then let's get crackin' on our lists again!


  1. It's not the "must-dos" that are keeping me from list, it's the "oh shiny"s ... LOL. I've been distracted by all kinds of small diversions. There are tons of great dishcloth patterns out there. The diagonal one from eLoomanator is one of my favourites:


  2. I love your yarn for your next project.
    I've not knit a snowflake dishcloth yet so can't say why the holes are in it, strange.
    I do have the ballband on my list to do very soon and I love your choice of colours they would just be perfect for my kitchen.
    I've not tried the hanging dishcloth but I have done the other grandmothers fav cloth is it ?
    Great progress this week even if its not off your list.

  3. You're not alone, I have no progress this week because of my other (non-Year of Projects) projects!

  4. I'm also seriously diverted on a weekly basis. I'm sure I've done more things NOT on my list than on it so far! :)

  5. New yarn is always worth a post. The dishcloths look great, have not tried making any but may have to give it a go

  6. buying yarn totally counts as progress. totally!

  7. dang it... I was going to make you an HP scarf after I tactfully found out what house you are in...

  8. I have used a lot of the "I love this yarn" from Hobby Lobby. It is really nice to work with. I have not had any problems with it at all and it is a great washable non wool yarn.

    I love the colors for the HP scarf.