Year of Projects--Week 8

Week 8 is about the same as Week 7 for this gal. August has been very busy, but I have managed to make a tiny bit of progress on my YOP list...

Finished the ballband for a dishcloth swap I am in. Upon checking my YOP list, I realized I put it in my Top 6 Blog A Long picks because I wanted to try the pattern out. So this TOTALLY counts! I am hooked on this pattern and cannot wait to make a bunch for my kitchen!

I cast on for the first of 5 Harry Potter scarves.

As you can see...I started this on Sunday afternoon so I would have something else to post about, LOL! The colors I found are not perfect but they will work. The green yarn on the left is another project for a swap...I have got to take a TIMEOUT from swaps if I want to finish this YOP list!

Hope this week is better for knitting!


  1. I'd say it TOTALLY counts :) It's awesome in those colours!

  2. It's a really nice dishcloth! The color combination is pretty and bright! It's nice to have some projects next to YoP, I have had that too! And 5 Harry Potter scarves, that's quite ambitious! I love the red color! Very excited to see some pictures of the scarf in progress!

    Good luck with knitting! Lily

  3. That ballband pattern came out beautifully. Have fun knitting this week!

  4. Great colors for the dishcloth.
    LOVE that you have HP scarves on your list! I've been listening to the first book in the car. It still makes me smile.

  5. I love the dishcloth. The texture looks really fun.