Lisa's Givts

I wanted to take a moment to help my friend Lisa promote her new business: Lisa's Givt's! (and yes, the V is correct!)

Since I have known her, she has always had some sort of crafty thing going on. Whether it is a floral arrangement or a do-dad or a personalized piggy bank for the kiddos, she has done it. So I was very excited to hear she was starting her own business of personalized gifts and arrangements!

Christmas snuck up on me, as it always does, and I needed a gift for A's "friend" at church (we say they are friends...they are only 7 and 9 months old, but they WILL be best buds!). I had a set of bath toys for him but really wanted to have a cute bucket to put them in. Thank goodness Lisa was still taking orders! She created this custom bucket:

It was ADORABLE! and PERFECT!! And Andrew's mom LOVED it!

If you find yourself stuck for gifts (or time for that matter), I HIGHLY suggest checking out Lisa's Givts at www.lisasgivts.com


  1. They are quite adorable things, congratulations to your friend who has started her own business :)