Year Of Projects Update

I actually have something to say in relation to my YOP! But first, I must share my unrelated FO's this week!

First off, thanks to everyone for your helpful comments regarding the ruffle scarf. I figured out the best way to make the prettiest ruffles and was able to finish this up Sunday afternoon. I will gift it to my Grandma soon!

Also on the topic of Grandmas, another one celebrated her birthday last week. I decided to make her a cowl/scarf. I found a pattern I kind of liked, but honestly, I did not want to do seed stitch...idk, felt lazy I guess. So I modified it a bit and I call it the Marvel-ous Cowl, after Grandma :0) See notes here.

I also finished the Munchkin Hat for my sis in law. I know she has read my lil blog a few times, so I better not post the final pic! Sorry E!!! :D

SO--in relation to YOP... I am casting on my first sweater. (insert fear, terror and intimidation) I am joining a friend who I mod the group Keep It Simple Swaps with and we are going to work through the February Lady Sweater! We are both really excited about it! I was hoping to have the yarn in time for this post, but I guess, I will have to wait!

Stay tuned!


  1. Lovely finishes for your grandmas and the scarf is extremely pretty. Love the sweater and you'll do brilliantly.

  2. Beautiful! You have reminded me that I need to make a cowl for someone as well. I am currently working on two bags, a large cardigan, a short cardigan, and a baby cardigan, all at once. I did make a cowl and did not like it so back to the drawing board with that one. Love the ruffle scarf. Its gorgeous.

  3. Great FOs there. How did you like that ruffle yarn? Would you make another? Nice improv on the neckwarmer. I think it's all about the buttons.

  4. The ruffly scarf is gorgeous--that yarn is becoming all the rage around here! I am sending you warm wishes for your sweater project--you can do it!! (The sweater pattern is lovely too.)

  5. Good luck for the sweater! My first sweater is on my YOP list too.

  6. Those came out great. Good luck with your first sweater. I'm staring mine as well. Looking forward to seeing your progress.