Knitting Goals for 2012

I love having the feeling of a fresh start and making new lists. Making lists, if they do nothing else, help me declutter my brain. DH doesn't quite get why I have 7 different lists at any given time...and I probably don't either, but it makes me feel better. :0)

So of course, I had to re-vamp my Year of Projects list. A reader helped me make a YOP page (thanks Christitine at It's A Knitting Thing!) feel free to check it out occasionally as I (crosses fingers) tackle one project at a time...

You may notice another page, 12 for Self, as well. This is another challenge but I am not taking it to the level others are. I just want to have a list (ha, you are laughing at this point aren't you?) of things I would like to knit for myself\our home someday. Hope I can work through half of them this year!

What are your crafting goals for the year? How are you scheduling your crafting time in?

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  1. Congrats on setting up the pages. My YOP is easy since I'm using one book and for the 12 for self, I'm not making a list, so that is pretty easy too :).