$50 Friday--Week 4--

...Week 4's $50 Friday...

This pic includes EVERYTHING from this week's shopping trip!

I was pretty pumped to score some cheap cold medicine as the cold hit our house this week and the thermacare wraps are awesome! Also found a really good deal on crackers!

Total Before Coupons: $92.50
And After: $53.30 (ack!)
$ Saved This Week: $26.74 (remember just keeping track of q's, not RR, giftcards or store discounts)

Last week in January! Let's see if I met my goals:

1. Keep spending at $50\wk
2. Save $20\wk in coupons

GOAL ONE: January Grocery Bill: $220.42 with an average spending of $55.10\wk. I am happy with that. I hope to get better as the year goes on!

GOAL TWO: I saved $112.68 in q's this month, with an average saving of $28.17\wk! YAY!

I think this was a great first month of getting serious about my couponing. I was SO CLOSE to hitting my first goal and exceeded my second! I see alot of things I can work on and change, looking forward to February!!

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