$50 Friday!--Week Two--

Wow...it has been a long time since I posted a $50 Friday post!! December really got away from me, I don't know if we were home enough to shop for groceries!

I decided to keep trying the $50\Week Challenge but added a fun element to it! I am going to keep track of every coupon I use (not including Register Rewards, ECB, Giftcards, any other sort of department store coupon or Sale Prices) and once I have used $20 worth of coupons, I am going to move $20 into our savings account. Once June comes, I am going to count and see how much I have saved JUST using coupons in 6 months!

My goal is to save $20 a week on average. I can't wait to see how I do!

Here is my trip from last week:
Not included are several fruits and vegetables, a few meat products and yogurt.

Total before Coupons: ...need to find my receipts...
And After: $51.13
$ Saved This Week: $22.75

I didn't take a picture of week one and do not remember everything I bought, but here are the stats:

Total Before Coupons:...need to find my receipts...
And After: $47.01
$ Saved This Week: 34.51

Total $ Saved: $57.06

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