Pick A Pin!

This week's Pick A Pin! is a 2-week project. Little guy is sick so I wanted to choose something quick and easy, as I likely will not get to Pinterest Projects this week.

This is a homemade cleaning solution made from part vinegar and orange peels! Several individuals swear it works better than store bought cleaning products, so I am willing to give it a try!

The original idea is from Grocery Shrink, a very interesting website helping readers cut down spending and reach financial goals.

Check back Friday to see the progress of this citrus cleaning concoction and if I made anything else Hap-Pin!

Please join me in blogging about your Pinterest Projects!


  1. This week, am going to try Monkey Muffins (created by the Pioneer Woman)...can't wait! :)


  2. I just pinned this today before I even read your post so I expect good reviews :-P haha. Ok off to go post for the week!