$50 Friday!

Let's see if I stayed under budget 2 weeks in a row!

Here is my trip for the week:
Not pictured: salad, tilapia, shrimp and pork loin

I sorta cheated. I had some in store credit at Wal-Mart so I picked up about $19 worth of items from there, some meat, meds, magazine (with coupons in it!) carefree and a spritz bottle for my homemade cleaning solution. Here is what I was able to get with $50:

And here is my drugstore trip, costing me 1.92 OOP:

I should mention that tooth brush is normally $4.79, marked down to $1.14 and I had a $1\1 q! I will take a .14 toothbrush ANY day! The candy was FREE, those crackers were FREE, the aspirin is normally $4.50, marked down to $2.29 and I had a $1\1 q, making it $1.29! You can't buy generic that cheap! The floss was on sale for .99 and I had 3 $1\1, making them all FREE!! I have a lot of floss now and will be donating it! $1.29 for over $20 worth of product! Woot Woot!

All in all, I had .08 leftover! Yay for 2 weeks in a row!

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