Sweater Update

On February 1st I shared a picture of this with you:

My goal was to knit the February Lady Sweater by March 1st. A seemingly daunting task as February is a short month. But I was up for the challenge.
Thankfully, many people kept excellent notes from when they knit the FLS! They helped me get through the yolk as it seemed a few people encountered trouble with number of stitches, etc.

You may remember I encountered SEVERAL nights of ripping. I looked forward to the evening hours because I could focus. Imagine how frustrating it was when at least 3 WHOLE evenings were spent ripping. Ugh. There was a moment where I considered throwing it and then stuffing it in a drawer so I would never have to look at it again.

But I made a goal and darn it, I was going to do it!!! Thanks to SO much encouragement from many YOP members, other bloggers, family, friends and an awesome hubby, I finished the body of the sweater Sunday the 26th.And could not WAIT to start the sleeves!!!

Now the question is, did I finish the sweater by today, March 1st?

Come back later to see if it fits!!!


  1. Oh well done on having your cardigan complete my March the 1st. You did an awesome job on it and of course it will fit.

  2. Awesome! Can't wait to see it on.

  3. What a fabulous post ... I loved seeing your cardigan grow and grow! What a great accomplishment and it looks so pretty, too.

  4. YEAH!!! You are seriously my hero and a very patient and fast knitter!!!!!!!!