Made It Hap-Pin!

Friday already?! It has been a busy and distracting week, so I can only share the progress of my homemade citrus cleaning solution:

I am looking forward to trying this. Supposedly it works wonders on soap scum, we shall see! Some family came over this week and they asked why I had orange peels in 'water' on my counter. When I told them it was actually orange peels in vinegar and a cleaning solution, my brother rolled his eyes and step-mom seemed very interested! One more week and this will be done!

Nicole and Tamara have joined the fun, won't you too?

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  1. Hey think of it as a "conversation piece" that turns useful later on! Haha. Can't wait for next week to hear how the results turn out! Maybe the nice scent will give me motivation to do further spring cleaning :)