Year of Projects--Week 9

I love September. I love school supplies, seeing the leaves start to change colors, the coming of cooler weather, I just LOVE September. Here is to hoping September is MUCH more productive than August where knitting is concerned.

What kept me from accomplishing more on my YOP list was signing up for swaps...I am swearing them off this month. Not a single one.

The first swap was a couple dishcloths. I completed my first Ballband, which was also a YOP item, and pushed off making the second one. Finally, I told myself no more YOP until that baby is finished! Who doesn't love the traditional Grandmother's Dishcloth that you can complete in an afternoon?

The second swap was a bit trickier for me. We just had to make something, didn't matter what. I was so tempted to make a scarf, but decided to try making fingerless mitts. I finished the first one...and hated it. Made some needle adjustments and pushed on to make the second one. MUCH better. So rrrrrripped the first one out and completed with the newer adjustments.

I am unsure as to how I feel about them...they are better than what they were originally. If I had the next size smaller needles, I would have gone that route. But I was already past the deadline. I hope she likes them...I sent the rest of the skein along and told her I was not offended if she wanted to rip them out and redo them. :0)

Shateen, quit rambling about your stupid swap addiction and talk about your darn YOP already!

Trying to think about what I am doing that is actually from my YOP...oh the first of at least 3 HP scarves! I have only added a few rows since last week, no need to post a pic. I dedicate this next week to this scarf. I am going to bust this sucker out!

I joined Gingerbread Girl's One A Day group and have dedicated A's Afghan (yes it is from my YOP list!!!) and A's vest (sort of from my list, I have baby sweater down, this will count) to it. That will be a separate post for tomorrow.

I am looking at my complete list of knitting and I have no idea how I will accomplish all that Christmas knitting, especially with ALL these babies! I have a few things that I can take off as the potential recipients probably wouldn't care if they got something knitmade or not...will my brother really throw a fit if he doesn't get his first knit hat from me? Doubt it.

Here's to a productive September!!


  1. I love September too, and I think it will be productive. I'm trying to finish all sorts of things in all sorts of stages of not-done-ness.

    I don't know that I'd scale back my Christmas knitting list so much as prioritize it. Maybe your brother's hat goes onto the list that gets looked at after the others are done?

  2. You have been very busy. I am glad I am not the only one not making much progress on the Christmas list. Here's to a productive September.

  3. Love making washcloths, though I don't use for dishes, I use them body cloths. Actually working on one as I blog walk for Sunday's YOP, lol

  4. Love the progress you've made this week and I totally love that dishcloth, it is so quick and easy to knit up, its one of my favs.

  5. It is funny how many people have started talking Christmas lists how could I not have thought about this earlier. I am going to add to my list now in the hope I may save the panic at the end.......hmmm, here's hoping we all have a more productive September.

  6. Great gloves! Fingerless gloves are one of my fav. things to knit. And, I agree. Christmas knitting is really on my mind too.

  7. You've been busy this week. That dishcloth pattern is one of my favourites too - and would you believe I printed out that vest pattern a couple of days ago with the idea of making one as soon as I finish what I have on my needles. Have a good week. xoxox

  8. I like the mitts a lot! A dishcloth is nice, too!

  9. HA! Good for you! I've been doing well on my YOP, but haven't done so well posting my projects. I've actually been a knitting fiend until this week! ha.

    I'll have to post my progress this week...You would LOVE some of the things I have made! I took on some challenges and really learned a lot...

    nice post!! love it

  10. You can do it! And your baby will look so cute in his little sweater! I need to get my YOP butt in gear too!

  11. I like the gloves the green makes me think of fall. I loe this time of year, too. I miss being in NY in the fall FL is beautiful, but the change of seasons is nowhere near s gorgeous or even noticable here.